Pony Club San Miguel, March 2008

Pony Club San Miguel, March 2008
l. to r. Fernanda, Carolita, Sean, Nicole, Apple, Carla, Isabel, Iza

Friday, 27 June 2008

Trail Ride, June 21, 2008

Carolita is in Texas for the summer already and Jen is going soon, but the Pony Club had somebody new this past week - visiting French dressage trainer Dany Bert, by way of California. Nicole (left, crossing the Rio Laja on Vaquero with Sean on Retta and Carla on Lucky) invited him on one of the group's fabulous Saturday trail rides into the Cieneguita area. Dany rode Carolita´s Savanah.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Why Shouldn´t You Stand On Your Horse?

Nicole likes to start beginners with some vaulting - exercises with a surcingle instead of a saddle, that is, so she wanted to warm the horses up for vaulting for July´s summer camp. Sean, Carolita and Carla volunteered to help this past week, and next thing you know, they were flipping around on their horses as if they were in the Olympics or the circus or a Western.

For summer camp info, don´t forget to go to see http://www.animatile.com/HorsesClay/IndividualPages/PonyClub1.htm
or email Nicole at ponyclublasanimas@yahoo.com.