Pony Club San Miguel, March 2008

Pony Club San Miguel, March 2008
l. to r. Fernanda, Carolita, Sean, Nicole, Apple, Carla, Isabel, Iza

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Show Day

Like Nicole says, schooling shows are practice for bigger events. Practice waking up with nerves, grooming and braiding the horses and then, performing. - Sue

This 29th of March was our schooling show. I got a little nervous because I thought my horse Andale was
going to get jumpy with all the extra people. Once I got on him to practice, he had turned into a whole
new horse who was calm as ever. When it was our turn, Andale did a wonderful test. -Sean, age 11

The main reazon I am proud of myself is that I didn't have a nervous attack the whole way to the three tests that Tesora, Cimarron, Lucky and I were about to do. Back when we were boarding at Centro Ecuestre Canales, Lucky and I won three first places in dressage shows and schooling shows. JA JA! I'm just bragging about my LUCK. I was a nervous little warm blood combined with an Arabian stallion back then. I wasn't ever going to be satisfied with that!! But on Saturday/29/2008 Lucky and I decided we'd had ENOUGH worries and it was time to have some fun. HIP HIP HURRRRRAY! -Carla, age 13

Friday, 28 March 2008

Philly Girls, Retta as Billboard, Show Tomorrow

The Schweitzer family is in San Miguel from Philadelphia for a few weeks. Avital, age 10, Danielle, 8, and Lindsey, 6, are taking their first riding classes with Nicole. Lindsey was so frightened of animals, she wouldn't get out of the cab on the day of their first class. She finally decided Brandy was nice enough to get on. Now she is riding with a confidence nobody would have ever predicted.

Retta gets really furry in the winter and has a hard time shedding all her hair in the spring. It was time for a shave. Nicole and Apple, who has been riding Retta every day since late January, shaved Retta's legs, then Apple's name in Retta's side. Then the electric shaver gave out. So Retta will bear Apple's name until a replacement can be found.

Tomorrow is the schooling show! Some have been been practicing all week, and some of the participants are only arriving in San Miguel today from Easter vacation travels in the United States. We're trying to be relaxed about everything! Carla will ride three horses at Level Two - her Lucky and Lucinda's Cimarron and Tesora. Sean practiced on a jumpy Andale today. Apple and Isobel will ride at Level Debuntantes before they go back to Maine next week.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

My Horse Is 3,000 Miles Away!

I’m Cece and I’m a one third owner of the sweet old mare Retta. I’ve been riding with
Nicole since I was five years old. I live in the United States and only get to ride in Mexico once a year. Even though I’m 3,000 miles away I really love Retta. But I know Apple is riding and
taking great care of her. I am so happy to be part of the San Miguel Pony Club.-Cece

Sean and Andale, March 2008

Sean noted there were no photos of her horse up yet, so there is one below. Andale is a fourteen year old gelding with the energy of a four year old. Legend says that when a horse´s blaze slides straight down his face then over one nostril, like Andale´s, it means he is so speedy that his stripe has been blown by the wind as he gallops.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Pole Painting

Nicole put twelve short poles around her water cistern for Pony Club members to decorate, like personal totem poles. After today's trail ride, under a canopy of jacaranda trees by the Rio Laja, which is finally dry enough to ride alongside, Carla, Sean, Carolita, Iza, Apple, Sofia and Rosendo, Ana Karla and Ariadna painted their poles.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Update March 8, 2008

Today Savanna was being rather bratty. She rarely picks up the left lead.
I hope she will improve for the show.-Carolita

This week my horse Andale has been improving on getting on the bit
so I think he will be good in the show.-Sean

Today Muneca didn't look so lame. I was walking her when she started bucking. I decided to let her go so she didn't kick me. She looked beautiful running all over the place. We finally got her when she trotted into a corral.-Fernanda

Today's trail ride was the coolest because we got to go through the river and we went through beautiful trails. Lucky was steady as always. -Carla

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Lame horse, baby horse

Fernanda's Muneca turned up limping at the beginning of this week and an abcess was feared. But an X-ray showed her front right leg only bruised. The vet thinks she kicks herself when she trots and canters, and boots seem to be the answer. She'll be resting for another week. Fernanda meanwhile is practicing on Vaquero. She'll decide to ride Vaquero or Muneca in the March 29th show once Muneca improves.

A new baby appeared in the field next to Nicole and Lucinda's property. She's light dusty brown with a perfect white blaze down her nose. She ran off when Lucinda, Carla and I approached, then snuggled next to her mom once we walked away. Her mom eats the leftovers of a corn crop. We think the baby is only a couple of days old.
Sue, Carla and Sean's mom

Sunday, 2 March 2008

March brings a schooling show

February was a big month. The girls did a lot of jumping bareback. They rode in pajamas and with balls.

Apple comes for the winter months. She and her sister Isobel, instead of going to school, go to the Pony Club and ride with Nicole in the mornings. They go back to regular school in Maine in April.

Nicole has organized a schooling show at her place for the end of March. Sean, Fernanda and Carolita will ride Dressage in Level Debutantes. Carla and Iza will ride Level Two for the first time. This is an unregistered show as the girls are not signed up with the Mexican Equestrian Federation at this time. But they will take the show seriously. They will dress formally and be judged as if it were for season points. Everyone will be practicing diligently this month!
Sue, Carla and Sean´s mom