Pony Club San Miguel, March 2008

Pony Club San Miguel, March 2008
l. to r. Fernanda, Carolita, Sean, Nicole, Apple, Carla, Isabel, Iza

Monday, 14 July 2008

Horse Camp July 7 - 11, 2008

Despite days of heavy rain, kids at Horse Camp at Las Animas groomed the horses, learned to put on tack, rode and at week´s end, painted the horses. Campers were Bennett, William, Joseph and Reagor and the counselors were Carla, Fernanda and Sean.

The summer camp was unique. Early on, I asked Reagor did he like the camp so far and he just told me ¨I believe so, I just cant wait till it stops raining and we can ride!!!¨Anyway, the best part was the scavenger hunt. Nicole and I hung cups of candy in bags from trees and bushes. We led the kids on horses but they completely told us what to do to find the bags. I think the kids liked the freedom to tell us where to go and they loved the idea of having their own horse to take care of. Friday, the best day of the week, sunny, clear, fun and the best thing was that (not to brag or anything...)I taught my first class ever to Bennett, a cute, energetic 8 year old, on Lucky. Let's just say this is a big deal for me cause Lucky´s reputation isn´t very good when it comes to kids...but that´s another story. - Carla

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